Marketing Personality

The personality one expects to be marketable I’m sure doesn’t sound like this:

I’m a Deep extrapolator and divergent thinker who branches and distracts for a pastime with many hobbies and skills that are frequently dropped and picked up again. I get short intense periods of obsession often leading to decent basic competency or understanding of often esoteric areas. Mostly I’m not particularly accepting of petty restrictions and vastly prefer the lightest touch of authority structures. And I prefer work that allows a decent, regular amount of contact with clients as I can’t solve the right problems without fully understanding the context and domain.

So that’s what I’ve to market not:

The latest buzzword filled character description that one is meant to have: Results oriented problem solver with an outstanding academic record and a long history of high performance.

Everyone is a problem solver of some type, most folks will work hard leaving the redundant results orientated and the annoying latter clauses as filtering filler for the shallowest of people farming analysts out there.