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What should you learn first about programming?

Abstraction – Why?

Because complex ideas are built from simpler ones
,that are built from simpler ones
, built from even simpler ones

Values and variables– Why?

 Because some things should not change.
,other things need to change but often rely on those that don’t.

Loops and recursion-Why?

 Because the world is built from cycles and rhythms
,iterations of period
,growth and gradual change.

Choices and decisions-Why?

Because life itself constantly chooses
,variably decides
,yet some values stay the same.

Data structures-Why?

 Because everything needs somewhere logical to live
,and structure itself is an essence of life.

Algorithms and heuristics-Why?
Because life is a process of processes of processes:
some exact, some fuzzy
,some downright random.

How to solve problems-Why?
Solving problems ultimately drives the evolution of life
,no matter how random the forces themselves appear